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What’s in my Makeup Bag (Fall Edition)


So, I’ve seen two leaves change colors already and so in my eager mind it’s time I start falling into fall. Yes, that was a bad pun but I couldn’t resist, I hope you forgive me.

Fall, or Autumn if you’re chic, is probably my favorite season. Growing up it meant back to school season, so new bags, fresh notebooks, and pencils. Fun Fact: I used to and probably still am pretty nerdy. But that’s all part of my “wonderful” personality. (Do note the heavy heavy sarcasm). And now that I am older, and FINALLY not in school, fall for me now means bolder lip colors and eye looks revolving around a lot more shimmer.

My summer look tended to be on a more bronzed and neutral look with a 90s lipstick; to be completely honest I am very proud that I was able to do my makeup under five minutes the whole summer. Ask my family, they’ll see it as big an accomplishment as finishing school because it takes me ages to get ready. (Mom, if you’re reading this… I’m trying to be funny, although I may be failing at it). But that’s beside the point.

This coming season, I want to get a little out of my comfort zone and try a little more color on eyes as well. I used to abide by the makeup law that if you have a bold lip don’t have a dramatic eye look to ensure that you don’t clash. But hey, it’s 2018, we’re finally making slow progress in some real-world problems, so why shouldn’t makeup rules also break.

Therefore in my arsenal for the rest of this year, (side note how are there only 4 months left?!?!) are the Makeup Forever Eyeshadows in M847 (Matte Burgundy), I702 (Iridescent Mahogany), and ME912 (Metallic Fuschia). The Metallic Fuschia (ME912) will be perfect for the 80’s vibe outfits that are going to be trending this fall. But with both the burgundy and the metallic fuschia, I would pair a 90s brown like the MAC Paramount which was in my Summer Essentials post or a sheer matte berry shade to give a pop of color to my lips. Yes, I just said that I would try going for all bold, but on a daily basis, it might not be my cup of tea. Let’s face it, I’m pretty lazy.

Also, this season, I am trying the new Maybelline Snapscara Mascara. According to the drugstore display that I had seen it is a gel-ink formula, which was intriguing. And over the summer I was obsessed with the Maybelline Hypercurl in Waterproof, but I ran out and the formula seems to be different in Japan compared to India. The formula here seems to be a little runnier in comparison and I am not a fan of that personally; it’s just too messy.

My face routine is staying pretty much the same from the summer. Except now that the seasons are changing, so is my blush palette. This season just like in the spring, I am bringing back my NYX Sweet Cheeks blush palette and resting my Becca x Chrissy Teigen Blush Palette. The NYX Sweet Cheeks palette has a lot more color choices and when my skin begins to dull because of the nonexistent sun and cold air, I can mix up shades in the NYX palette. Also, the highlight in the middle of this palette is a lot more golden compared to the Becca palette which was more coral and rose gold based. The more golden the better in the winter, especially when there may be desi weddings to attend. (I was watching some Bollywood movie last night, and since then I really want someone to get married, so that I have a reason to glam up… #desiproblems)

Lastly, but my favorite part of fall, lip colors. First and foremost, I know for certain that 60 percent of the time I will be reaching for my trusted fall lipstick, Colourpop’s Matte Lippie Stix in Creature. It’s the perfect blend of red, maroon, and purple; giving it a perfect fall vampy vibe but still keeping it day-friendly. The one I’m excited to try is the lipstick from the L’oreal collaboration with Balmain in the shade number 648. It’s a greige color, which I have never tried but hey, I’ll give it a shot. It’s a unique shade without being too out there such as the blue (shade number 901) and therefore I can wear it on a more day to day basis.  Beyond this, I will, of course, be wearing my metallic burgundy-s such as the Dior Rouge in Poison Metal. The thing I love the most about this is that even though it is a metallic shade it’s not too metallic that it seems intimidating.

I hope you all have a great beginning of September, and I will be back soon with my take on fall fashion trends.

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With an old-school classic, Air (Shawn Mendes and Astrid) playing I sign off.

(If you really thought I wouldn’t mention him, the jokes on you because that would be impossible.)

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