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Snapshot of September… Favorites of September

Hey Internet! I know I’ve been M.I.A. (kind of like the WDW song) from the blog recently. I had planned a few college posts; but was never really happy with them, so they are on hold for now…

So, this month a lot has happened…

First and foremost, I have officially graduated college and finished my undergraduate degree. 4 years and after a 36 page graduation thesis, I’m free… It’s still a shock and maybe that’s why I’m not ready to post the college posts.

But as of favorites this month, there are plenty as well.


Fashion-wise it has really been the month for H&M… I mean technically I am always in H&M anyways. (dreaming of the day I collaborated with them…)

Since it has finally begun to feel crisp, much of this month I went through the transition phase of slowly letting go of my summer closet and embracing the fall season. Slowly tank tops turned into short sleeves t-shirts with jackets and now will become sweaters and sweatshirts.

Light Blue Denim Jacket – H&M

This has been a great daywear transition piece over t-shirts since the weather is hot and then cold just like that Katy Perry song from back in the day. Plus the slight faded effect makes it less polished making it look retro which is perfect for the fall season. Mine is slightly oversized so it helps when I layer it, with t-shirts both short and long-sleeved.

Styling the Denim Jacket

Outfit: Denim Jacket in Light Blue -H&M, TPWK T-shirt in Yellow – Harry Styles Merch, Skinny Denim Leggings in Black – Uniqlo

Light Blue Denim Jacket

Light Blue Denim Jacket (picture from

Faux Leather Jacket – H&M

I mean if you don’t wear a leather jacket in the fall season, have you really gone through the season. I’ve been thinking of getting another one possibly in a muted grey color since that would be the statement piece. But my black leather jacket is a go to. I still remember the first time I finally decided to get a black leather jacket two years ago. Holy swear word did I feel rocker chic in it. It just made me more confident. Now I basically style it with everything. If I’m wearing something very feminine the jacket just takes it down a notch to make it look less cotton candy and more like the pop rock candy. (not exactly sure where I was going with the metaphor but hey I’m quirky like that)


Faux Leather Jacket- H&M (similar to the one owned) Picture from

Faux Leather Jacket

Outfit: Leather Jacket in Black, Graphic T-shirt in MTV Logo, Gingham Trousers in Grey all H&M, Clutch-MANGO, Sunglasses – Forever 21


This month I have been experimenting a lot, but out of all the new things I have tried my favorites are the Maybelline Snapscara and the trio that I created with the artists at the Makeup Forever in Ginza.

Maybelline Snapscara in Black


The Snapscara is claimed to be of a gel ink formula; which is what had intrigued my in the very beginning besides the Gigi Hadid ad of her snapping her fingers. I am still experimenting to see if I really see a significant difference in the volume, because I sometimes do layer it with Too Faced Better than Sex. The part that has really pushed Snapscara into this list beating the Lancome Hypnose that I was trying is that it does not irritate my eyes. The formula is a film based one as well but it does not bother my eyes when I am taking of my makeup at the end of the day. And for the most part it stays put during the day even when I rub my eyes because of the weather or all the emotions from Fallin’ All in You.

Makeup Forever Custom Trio (M847, I 702, ME 912)

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As I had talked about these in my fall makeup bag post, the Makeup Forever Eyeshadows in M847 (Matte Burgundy), I702 (Iridescent Mahogany), and ME912 (Metallic Fuschia) have been an interesting mix into my daily makeup routine. I haven’t been able to play with the fuchsia as much as I would have liked but it is interesting how attached I have become to the Matte Burgundy shade. I generally use the bronzer shade from my Chrissy Teigin (her name was a revelation this month) palette as my base and then blend the I 702 shade and on the outer edge of my eye lid I blend in the M847 shade.

I will soon be doing an update on my fall makeup bag since there has been a lot going in and coming out of that bag; so I will be more detailed in that post.

Music (Top 3 Favorites)

Lost In Japan Remix. (Shawn Mendes ft. Zedd)  I mean is it even a question it’s only been out two days (as of when I am writing this) and I can not hit pause. When it dropped I was in Ginza and it was hard not to start dancing to it. Like really hard. I played it in the Starbucks that I was writing from that day and people liked it too I guess since nobody told me to turn it off.


(At a tie) Mutual and Queen (Shawn Mendes, Shawn Mendes the Album) These two songs were my go to when taking pictures for the Fall Fashion Trends shoot and I feel like because these songs made me want to dance in the street, Emima (Instagram) was able to take such amazing pictures because I was comfortable in front of the camera.

First Time (Liam Payne, French Montana)  It’s Liam Payne of course it’s going to be on my favorites list. I still listen to Familiar at least 4 times a day. Although I probably should stop listening to it on the train because I start semi-dancing to the music.

All Cover Images of Songs are from Spotify, I do not own any covers all rights of the Artist themselves.

Well, I hope you had a lovely September and are about to start prepping for Halloween; but I got to run now because as I finish this the Shawn Mendes Documentary is about to premier and we all know I would not miss it for the world.


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