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February’s Five Favorites

The last post I talked about how I wanted to commit more to the blog and then I disappear for a month. Well at least I was consistent with my absence. But needless to say, February has been a busy month at work with the launch of the Spring Summer campaign and finally been able to share my first PR campaign. Just the thought of it actually being real and the fact that I am in a way part of it is amazing and unbelievable. I mean who would have thought I would meet Shawn in August and exactly six months later (like literally to the precise date) I would be working on his first campaign with Calvin Klein.

But that’s not the objective of this post today. We’re talking about favorites of the month of February. More like favorites since January.

Before I start though can we please take a moment on the fact that the JONAS BROTHERS ARE BACK!!!! And the video for Sucker… oh my god. You cannot begin to understand how excited I am. I literally took a good ten minutes out of my meetings on the release to watch the video, freak out about it and then calm myself down.

Since 2019 has started I have been giving my skin a little bit of a break. I still do my eyes and I will always have a lipstick on but my foundation and face makeup has been minimal at best. Most days I skip it all and let my skin breathe. But bold lipsticks have still been my identity don’t worry.

L’oreal Color Riche Matte in 251


NARS Funny Face


Skincare wise, there are two that I have been absolutely loving not only in January but since December or probably November. The months have been a blur.

innisfree capsule recipe pack sleeping pack Green Tea

innisfree capsule recipe pack sleeping pack in Green Tea

The Body Shop Drops of Youth – Youth Cream

The Body Shop Drops of Youth-Youth-Cream

The youth cream is basically for the first signs of aging and yes, I’m still in my early twenties but it’s never to early to start. I had noticed I had started to get lines on my forehead between my eyebrows mostly because I was always stressed in university and this along with my shift in life has improved the lines that they are no longer visible. And another big bonus is that the scent is very refreshing and is not at all overpowering. I hate face creams that have a lingering scent, like Indian Fair and Lovely, that I can smell through out the day, it starts to give me a head ache.

Before this post becomes too long and I get sidetracked…

Zara Leopard Print Shirt

The last favorite this month is a fashion favorite, and if you follow me on Instagram (@shopaholicsharika) you have probably seen this shirt multiple times. The Zara Leopard Print Shirt. First of all I accidentally bought it in a size bigger than I usually do I blame the Zara’s size thing on the online app which suggests what size they recommend. But it has turned out to be the best decision since now I can style it multiple ways and I don’t feel weird tucking it into my bottoms. I wear this like a normal button down, I’ve worn it tucked in, and open wearing a black t-shirt underneath and because it is a bigger fit. I have even tied it into a knot and worn it with high waist jeans. And because I style it differently every time, I don’t have the urge to go and get more leopard print pieces even though the animal print trend is one of the biggest trends I am obsessed with currently. I’m dying to find a good pair of snakeskin print boots that I can use to elevate a basic t-shirt and jeans outfit.

For more fashion stuff, make sure to follow my Instagram, I post there on a more frequent basis and often have tidbits from work.

I just want to wrap by giving a shoutout to for the new logo that has helped make this blog more classy and refined!

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