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Six Makeup Essentials for the Summer

So with the summer coming to an end, I mean there are literally too many fall reminders popping up on Twitter. It’s time to give my round-up on my top 6 Makeup essentials for the month of August…

bareMinerals Primer in Original

So if you’ve read my June “What’s in my makeup bag“, you may know that I talked about the bareMinerals Complexion Rescue. Well over the summer, I needed something to help that stay on my face without the Complexion Rescue sliding down south. That’s where this magic in a white bottle came. I went with the Original because in the summer, there really is no more room for an extra glow, the heat makes the skin do that enough.


bareMinerals Prime Time Original

The primer is great in covering up my pores and teen acne scars around my T-zone. It doesn’t necessarily cover anything as a pigment as it is a clear silicone primer, but it gives a smooth base for a foundation or a tinted moisturizer.

Dior Backstage Face and Body Foundation in 4N

Oh my Lanta! This is my summer holy grail. It’s a real trouper this summer. It’s sweatproof, waterproof and does not budge. There were so many days this month that I was out and about, and this was a savior especially with the weird tan or the acne that had come back. Whoever said acne goes away after puberty doesn’t know shit.


Dior Backstage Face and Body Foundation in 4N

But going back to this find, I was apprehensive about the shade and consistency when I tried it in the beginning, but the trick is to use a smoothing brush like the one from BareMinerals rather than a usual foundation brush or a beauty blender. The smoothing brush really gives an airbrushed look and evens everything out perfectly.

Yes, it is a little pricier but it is from the affordable range of Dior, and it was totally worth it since I only need four drops at a time to do my whole face in a medium coverage.

Makeup Forever Aqua XL Liner in I-24 and M-10

I’ve been using the M-10 which is the black liner since July. I used to shift between MAC’s Eye Pencil in Feline and the Golden Rose Smoky Liner in Deep Black. But this is so much more waterproof, especially in the humidity. I don’t get raccoon eyes from this which is all I really want from a liner.


Makeup Forever Aqua XL Liner in I-24 and M-10

I use the I-24 which is a metallic indigo blue for a pop of color because I have kept much of my makeup really simple which is rare.

Dior Backstage Contour Palette in Universal

This is nice and subtle so it is nice to move it from both a daytime look to a nighttime shimmer. I use this as an eyeshadow palette and as a highlighter rather than to contour. I use the highlighter in deep over the light contour shade on my eyelids. And the highlighter in light to use as a brow bone highlight. I got my brows done after a long time so I don’t really have to fill my brows in and the highlighter is sufficient.


As for my cheekbones, I mix both the light and deep highlighter although because of the foundation color the deep shows a little more and the light gives it the extra pop. And to top it off, because I got it at the Dior Backstage Pop-up Store in Omotesando, it has my name on it, which is always a happy sight.

MAC Lipstick in Paramount

Spring was all about pinks and baby berries, but this summer is all about the 90s lip for me especially that Rachel Green kind of brown. Since it is summer break for me technically, I was dressed more casual, (my favorite pieces for this month will be up soon). My casual style is more printed graphic t-shirts and denim shorts; so a 90s lip works perfectly. The best part about this is that as it fades it doesn’t smear and blends into the lip naturally so it really is not needed to touch up again and again.


MAC Lipstick in Paramount

I normally don’t have to add a lip primer or lip liner, not that there is no reason to do so, I just like keeping my lip as natural as possible since I consume more beverages in this boiling heat. And since this is a demi matte finish, a little more towards the satin side of the spectrum it is not at all drying and does great favors.

NYX Matte Finish Setting Spray

To be honest, this may or may not be working in favor for my skin. But it works well in adding an extra layer of protection between the Backstage Foundation and the world. I have tried it with the bareMinerals Complexion Rescue but it didn’t seem to sit right and I feel like it clumped up the Complexion Rescue. Also, I haven’t tried it with a matte powder foundation as well, so hopefully, I’ll keep you posted.


NYX Matte Finish Setting Spray

I haven’t tried the glowy setting spray from NYX yet, one because it is always sold out at the Omotesando store; I mean getting this one as well took me three trips and I still got the last one. And the second reason is, I personally feel like the glowy feel is better for the winter season especially when the weather makes your face look dry as cardboard.  (that’s a weird analogy but go with it…) So maybe when October or November comes around and the glowy one still exists, I’ll try it then.

As for life beyond makeup, a lot has happened over the last month and I’ll share all the excitement in my August Favorites post that’ll be up next Friday. But if you’re curious about any favorites or want to hear about any make sure to follow me on Instagram and on Twitter!

I hope you have a great weekend and Au Revoir! (Yes, I still remember a bit of High School French…)

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