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Travel Essentials

This post is written in backlog.

So, I’m on the plane right now and I thought I should finally sit down (well okay of course I’m sitting. I’m not Meredith from Season 13 of Grey’s Anatomy) (sorry getting side tracked) but yes, I should sit down and share my airport essentials. I did an Instagram poll and quite a few of you said mixed so here goes.

A multi purpose eyeshadow palette

The NARS Wanted Eyeshadow Palette or this time I’m taking the Too Faced Sweet Peaches Mini Palette, but the context is that, a palette like the Wanted one, is great to do simple sweep of a brown satin shadow or add metallic pigment-like shadow to turn the look into a night look or a desi wedding day look. You never know what the occasion arises.

A black pencil liner

Since junior year of college, I don’t think I have spent a day without kajal or black liner on my waterline. And because of that I have tried a diverse variety of pencil liners, and I have come to the decision, well as of now, that my ride or die liner is the Makeup Forever Black Liner, it does not budge no matter what. Sometimes even after using a makeup wipe and cleansing my face, it lasts for a smoky look the next day.

An Overnight Mask

Hydration, Hydration, Hydration. This is probably the second most important rule when flying after do not unleash stinky feet. So something like the innisfree sleeping mask or the Origins Drink Up Overnight Intensive Mask, helps my face really soak in all the moisture it possibly can. And if you don’t have these two, another option that I used to do before is I would get cold cream or rich cream like Kiehl’s UFC and lather that on to my face and in the summers also on my elbows. Whichever product I would be using from the above, don’t forget to lather it onto your neck and lips too. 

A two in one pillow

So, for the longest time I did not carry a travel pillow, technically because I would be travelling mostly between India-Japan and there never was any space even when we were travelling as a family. Which to be honest is probably the story of any desi family. I’m pretty sure we are genetically not able to travel light. (or this could just be my entire family) Going back to the pillow, I found one on Amazon (of course) after watching travel videos on Youtube for hours. You know how people watch meditation videos to calm down, that is what travel videos do for me. (I keep getting side tracked, sorry. I am not a fan of the aisle seat when there are fidgety people next to me.)

So the pillow on Amazon is from American Tourister, and what I love about it is how it can be both used as a neck pillow in the U shape or I can stuff the sides back into the zipped pouch to make into a square shaped pillow which is essential for overnight flights, because I am the worst sleeper in flights.

A Cuticle Oil Pen or Rollerball

I know a lot of people who carry hand creams during flights since the air is so dry, I’m not joking but even in this 3 hour flight I can feel my face and hands lose their hydration. But carrying hand creams is a little annoying for me as I do not like the over greasy feeling of hand creams unless it is winter. So I carry a cuticle oil pen like the one from RMK or The Body Shop and as I am massaging that into my cuticles I put some drops on my hands as well as just massage it in. Over the last couple of flights, I have also noticed that as I massage it in to my fingers it helps reduce the swelling I end up with after flights.

I would continue on, but the flight is about to land and I don’t think I can type any longer since as soon as the plane touches the ground I know for a fact that people will begin to scramble out of their seats to the get out and I’m sitting on the aisle side and can not take too much time, or I will face the universally existing annoyed face that people have on airplanes when other passengers take too long.

P.S. I’m flying to Seoul by EasternJet and I have come to the conclusion that I am not a budget airlines person. The aircraft is making that weird noise that old Air India aircrafts make which are almost falling apart. As much as I like a cheap ticket, I don’t think I can get over the fact about how much noise these crafts make like they are hanging on to dear life.

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