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Hello World… Again…

I feel like the last couple of months, I haven’t been able to focus on what I love to do… write.

Last year when I started this blog I was trying it of just as an outlet to get my thoughts out and share my love for fashion. And since then things have changed so much, I graduated not only from college but also from my old Amazon membership and I started to get anxious about what I wrote and if I was really writing that someone wanted to read.

I was texting my best friend (and soon to be a serious published author) today about how last year June was the beginning of Sharika 2.0 and I feel like this time around it is the beginning of Sharika 3.0, because in the truest way possible I am not the same as I was last year.

You know how Taylor Swift went from 1989 to the Reputation album and now is crushing it with “ME!”, well till before this blogpost that was my ‘Reputation’ phase, and just as Mademoiselle Swift (I mean she does speak French in the music video) shifted into a new era, I feel like I have done the same.

Last year for much of the beginning of this journey I was nervous and afraid of how I would do all this and if I was worthy of the opportunity, but as I evolved I realized that I have the resources in front of me and all I have to truly do is to utilize them rather than let them collect dust. I mean I have the best opportunity currently working in the fashion industry and if I truly want to be a fashion and style content creator, then I should truly work on building relationships in the community. I was nervous about sending DMs to people I admired and respected in the community, but I overcame that fear and now I have such creative energy around me and virtually.

From, @daisykoike and @grace.m1a, to on a virtual level, @iamsapra, @theprocrastinatinggent, and @anasulcova. I truly hope you check out their content because not only are they amazing content creators, but beyond that they are super kind and genuine which is often rare.

They are all trailblazers and seeing them work hard shows me that I have to take that first leap and not be scared of that leap or not make excuses for not being able to create the content I want to. A part of me tells me to stop making excuses, if I don’t have someone to press the button on the camera, I can do it simply by creating a makeshift tripod, but I make excuses because another part of me is still scared and nervous.

But if I truly want to do this, I have to take that leap and stop with the excuses and create. Even if the initial product has jagged edges there has to be something that has to be polished.

Favourite Outfits

For example, when I worked with a photographer for the first time I struggled with being able to connect to the camera and the pictures looked like this…

But then gradually as I got used to the camera and having someone (@emimamitani) who got my vibe the pictures started to evolve. It took me lesser time to get feel comfortable in front of the camera and the time per outfit began to shorten and I was able to create more. This is probably my favorite shoots ever… 

So if I can do that with one aspect of this creative journey, I don’t know why I stop myself, from writing.

I guess this is just a long winded way of saying Hello to the world… once again.

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