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Summer Sale Haul

Hello, hello.

It has been a while and I haven’t written a peppy blogpost probably since the begin of this year and I don’t know about you, but I miss it. I have been on a constant binge of the Shopaholic Series by Sophie Kinsella. I may not be reaching Becky’s levels of shopaholic-ness (just flow with it, shopaholic-ness sounds cute); although I’m pretty sure my mom would put me there. She kind of had that “Another pair of shoes, Sharika… seriously?” look a few days ago when I came home with a Charles and Keith shopping bag. I justify as it a work purchase, I mean I do have to be in heels for a better part of my time. So these made sense.

In all honesty, this is my favorite part of the year, not weather wise, the weather has been absolutely horrible. First it rained for 18 days and now it’s boiling hot. The weather is really going through PMS. But, going back to fashion. This is my favorite time of the year because of all the summer sales. Summer sales are probably my third most favorite time periods every year. First is my birthday and then next is the January Sales, and then the Summer Sales. Birthday because well obviously. It’s self explanatory.

And then January sales for all the sequins and fun sparkly dresses. I have a dream that one day I am going to have a closet just dresses of sequins and summer dresses and tailored dresses. So yeah, January sales are great to find 80 to 90 percent off on sequin dresses like this one.

And summer sales, are a workout and a great big treasure hunt. As a teenager Forever21 was my go to store but probably by the time I was 19, I grew out of them. Yes, they are dirt cheap during the sale but a.) they never fit right and b.) it’s so overstuffed that it is just a chaotic explosion of clothes. But now I’ve branched out. Spread my wings, if you will, to a lot more brands. This time it was Zara, H&M and a tiny pitstop at Charles and Keith. Some of these made me so giddy that I can not explain and I’m all tingly writing about it.

Charles & Keith

Essential Ankle Strap Pumps(Turquoise)-50 percent off

These were a venture into a new zone. I’m pretty sure I have never owned turquoise shoes so the color was a new concept. I am still figuring out what exactly I am going to pair it with but I know as a basic go to these would be great with all black outfits or all white outfits. And the ankle strap makes them look so much more adult and professional that if I paired these with even a simple white t-shirt and light wash jeans, which is often my work wear, I can add these as a pop of something without resorting to my high heels since the kitten heels on these won’t hurt my feet. I kind of wish that I get the black version of these ( I mean they are 50 percent off), but unfortunately, my shoe closet is limited… unless I take over Mum’s closet too. (Mum would kill me if I do.)


So there are a few pieces from Zara and let’s begin, shall we?

Lace Top – 70 percent off

This is summer in a top basically. It’s one of those pieces that can be dressed up or down as the occasion hopes for. So with a pair of white short and a pair of white sneakers, it’s a great casual but elevated look. To make it a dressed up look, white cigarette trousers with nude heels and gold hoop earrings and an updo. Now I just want to dress up and go somewhere… but alas, it’s literally 2 in the morning right now.

Two-tone Sneakers – 50 percent off

White sneakers, oh white sneakers. For the longest time ever I did not buy into the white sneaker trend. I was always a ballet flats or heels/sandals person. But now the whole game has changed, white sneakers have been a game changer. Instead of black flats, I feel like the limits are limitless when I pair them with a pair of white sneakers. And the coral neon at the back are a pop of personality, I mean have you met me, I’m all pops of personality.

Sequinned Skirt – 90 percent off

Sigh, this skirt… this skirt is what my body goals are. With a side slit this is an effortless party piece. In the summer, I can wear it a black tank and have my hair in a low bun; and in the winter a black turtleneck sweater with a half up do. And to top it all off a nice red lip like Dior 999 or MAC Ruby Woo.


Lace Ballet Flats – Lilac 70 percent off

These were less than 400 yen!!! Unfortunately I can’t find an image from the H&M website, so apologies for these feet pictures. They aren’t the cleanest shoes since if I wear these in dusty areas, they are not going to protect my feet to be honest. But the lace gives it a really girly vibe and can make any outfit a touch feminine. H&M flats don’t really last with on me, for example black flats that I used to wear on an almost daily basis, I would go through them in about a month or two. Kind of is the definition of fast fashion, huh?

And on the note of these lace shoes, all I have to say is be sure to find me on Instagram and as always please let me know if you have any thoughts about the blog or any other posts you would like.

Goodbye from a Shopaholic on Summer Sale Cloud 9!

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