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Snapshot of August… Favorites of August

I am normally not in Tokyo, especially with this insane heat, but this summer was special…

August has been a month of many moments. I had experiences I would never ever have and I can not be more grateful. My previous post was about my 6 makeup favorites of this month and season; but this is about my favorite memories, fashion pieces and music for the month of August. I can say that this may be the best summer I have had in a long time and to prove it I still have a tan that won’t go away.

Favorite Memories

Meeting the Artist that inspired me to start writing again

So the best thing ever to happen this summer and probably this whole year was… drumroll… I MET SHAWN MENDES!!! Aah! I know it seems like I’m shouting but how can I not. I mean I still can’t believe it actually happened. Not only did I get to see him live, I got a chance to have a conversation with him and I got to show him my “In My Blood” tattoo. And the cherry on top was when he sang Never Be Alone, he looked directly at me in the beginning… I had mentioned how much that song had helped me through things I may someday talk openly about, and hearing it live, I got overwhelmed with emotion which is rare. Honestly, if there weren’t people behind me, I would have passed out when he smiled and waved directly. My only regret is that the camera video, in all the excitement, is blurry… but it’s still the best since my friend (shoutout to Ashita !!) and I actually enjoyed the show more than focusing on recording it. A sore throat that night is proof of all the singing,  the off key singing…

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Yes, I’m a true fangirl if you could not tell already… So if you’re a fan follow me on Instagram (@sharikajain) and Twitter where I talk a lot about Shawn… ❤️

In all candidness, it honestly meant a lot how genuine and real he was when meeting him and more than that how he and the entire band were so happy on stage. You could feel the genuine passion they had for performing. If I can ever feel even half the happiness that you could see Shawn feeling on stage, I’d feel like I have achieved everything I dreamt of.

Going out of my comfort zone 

The second thing that felt unreal this month was that I actually did a fashion shoot for pictures for this blog. In the last few years, I had become extremely nervous about being in front of the camera and actually doing things I loved doing. I had stopped writing as much as I had during school, and I kept myself walled up to stay comfortable. But at the beginning of this month, I got some editorial style photos clicked that I will someday post on this blog.

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Shoutout to Rashi, the photographer I had worked with. From actually approaching her to working with her on the concept and then getting the pictures clicked was a big step for me and I am proud of myself that I had stepped out of my comfort zone. My Instagram does have a lot of pictures of me laughing and being in the moment but they are all caught by friends and it is comfortable. But this was a process from which I learned a lot. So soon there will be more pictures hopefully where I am actually comfortable in front of the camera.

Favorite Fashion Pieces

This month since I was officially on summer break, I was rarely in my suits and business casual attire. And practically lived in shorts and graphic t-shirts like a normal human.

Zara – Mom-Jean Style Shorts in Denim Blue

These were one of the most worn items in the last 31 days. They were the perfect length in the sense they were Indian parents approved but still felt like summer denim shorts. Since they were a mom-style they were comfortable to wear all day and the high waist style made them perfect to wear with t-shirts.

GU – Silver Espadrilles

I wore these for almost the two-thirds of the entire month which is saying a lot. I feel like in the summers especially with a slight tan, metallics, especially as shoes, are essential. These pairs were so affordable, roughly under 1000 yen, and simultaneously extremely comfortable since there was a lot of exploring and walking this month.


Gold Rim Sunglasses H&M, Mauve Crew Neck T-shirt Forever21 Men, Mom-style Jeans Shorts Zara, Medium Size Tote Zara, Silver Espadrilles GU. Shot at Shinjuku

Forever 21 Men – Mauve Crew Neck T-shirt 

Also, side note, the Mauve Crew Neck t-shirt in the picture above is from Forever21 Men and I want to know why the Forever21 Men t-shirts are more comfortable than the women’s t-shirts… Plus these cost about 599 yen and the women’s ones cost at least 1290 yen.

Harry Styles Merch – Treat People with Kindness T-shirt in Yellow

I got this in a size bigger than I normally would wear, but because of that, it is so much comfier. No, I’m not cheating on my Shawn Festival Tour Merch, since even Shawn likes and has the #tpwk t-shirt. Also, I was nervous about the yellow and had debated between this one and the white, but the yellow isn’t as stark as seen on the website and this really works well with a denim blue. Besides the white would be basic.

Harry Styles Merch – Treat People with Kindness T-shirt in Yellow

H&M – Printed Satin Kimono

This leafy print number was a great cohesive piece for my festival look for Summer Sonic since it made everything look put together and breezy. The print made the rest of my outfit have a little more personality since I was wearing a black racer tank from H&M and the Zara Mom-style jeans shorts with a pair of brown faux leather boots from H&M.

Zara Stitched Crossbody Bag in Silver

Another metallic number of this summer, this bag may look small but it was very roomy, it was able to hold my phone, earphones, 2 extra chargers, selfie ring light, 2 lip products, a travel roll-on, setting spray, and my card holder.

Printed Satin Kimono H&M, Silver Cross Stitched Crossbody Zara …p.s. this was the only picture I have of the kimono in full length…

Songs on Repeat

  1. Fallin’ All in You (Shawn Mendes, Shawn Mendes the Album) This was the perfect summer sunset song and I mean the falsettos on this and the lyrics ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Lost in Japan (Shawn Mendes, Shawn Mendes the Album) Lost in Japan, live in Japan… it doesn’t get any better… ❤️❤️❤️

  3. Eight Letters (Why Don’t We, Eight Letters-Single) What can I say I’m hooked… wdw fans you know the reference…

  4. One Kiss ( Calvin Harris with Dua Lipa, One Kiss-Single) This was a summer dance number for me.

  5. Familiar (Liam Payne with J Balvin, Familiar-Single) I couldn’t resist dancing to this… even on the metro.

  6. God is a Woman (Ariana Grande, Sweetner) Doesn’t the title say it all?? ❤️❤️❤️

  7. Real Friends (Camilla Cabello feat Swae Lee, Real Friends-Single) The lyrics ❤️ and Camilla’s voice ❤️❤️❤️

Yeah, I used the heart emoji a lot this month…

So with this, I sign off on this month, and I hope you had an amazing summer as well, and are charged and ready for the fall that’s about fall upon us… I apologize for the pun I couldn’t resist it. As always remember to follow me on Instagram (@sharikajain) for outfit ideas and Twitter (@sharika_jain) for random musings.

Au revoir from Tokyo!

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