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Radio Silent to Radioactive

Hello again! Or if this is your first time stumbling onto this blog, welcome. Unlike my Instagram which is mostly fashion, beauty and snapshots of my life in fashion; this blog has an added depth which is hard to share through even a carousel of ten images.

As the third anniversary of this blog crept up, I realized that it really had been a while since I had written something. And that itch was hard to get rid off until I actually sat down to type what’s been on my mind.

As the pandemic rages on, I have felt uncomfortable talking about fashion or sharing anything on social media. Yes, there is an argument that as a content creator I can provide an escape from the harsh and difficult realities that plague our everydays; but does anyone really want to talk about the newest spring trend or makeup product when everyday is a unseen fight between life and death.

In my last post, I talked about how it seems like the world was going through a quarter life crisis along with me. I wouldn’t retract my statements but in the last couple of months I would say that the quarter life crisis that was impending for me personally has yet to come. (Or maybe like I talked about in my Mindset Change video; it’s come and I didn’t even realize it)

So where have I been since my last blogpost. Well, I started a new job and to be honest, I still can’t believe that I actually get to work in the fashion industry as a full time professional. I’ve been in the industry for a while now but it still surprises me that I’ve landed here.

Right now, as I sit next to a window overlooking downtown Tokyo, I can’t help but be wonderstruck of how much life has changed but at the same time seem same in the last couple of years. In the span of four and a half years, I have gone from planning to go to law school to working in PR to now working in Merchandising and very soon moving to e-commerce. But even though my career has gone to places where I had never dreamed of (I mean let’s be honest, as a brown kid, the options are often Medicine or Law); at the core of it I am still the same person.

I still truly believe that I can sustain myself on Starbucks and Vogue, but with time I have come to the conclusion that a salad dropped into the mix as well as a proper book is a more effective method of not burning out in the next year or so. There are still many instances where I feel separated from my achievements and have the hardest time talking about them in interviews. I still believe that life has all the ingredients to turn into a cheesy romcom.

The beginning of 2021 was all about settling back into a professional routine and now that I kind of that under my belt, it’s time to focus back on writing and daydreams of someday being a writer at Vogue.

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