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It’s time I challenged myself.

I normally don’t write on a Monday, let’s be real I really haven’t kept up with writing as much, you know the saying, fashion never sleeps, well it’s true.

The last three months have been a whirlwind but right now I’m on my lunch break (hopefully, I write half of this within the 45 minutes I have so that counts right?) and with the view of Tokyo downtown, I thought I’d write a little.

An unedited view of Tokyo Downtown

To be honest, I’m not exactly sure what I really want to talk about, but hey there is beauty in being unplanned. The last three months to be honest I have been in kind of a rut. I haven’t planned my outfits or experimented with fashion, basically lived in sweater and jeans or graphic tees and jeans. I’d have bouts of inspiration but by the time I got around to actually acting upon it I’d lose the inspiration or just burn out.

But with the first of April here, I think it’s time I got my shit together.

I have a workout scheduled for today and I got up early enough to actually make a little effort on my outfit and get a decent Instagram shot. And while I was planning all this over the weekend I decided to challenge myself.

First of all, I’m challenging myself to not wear black for a week.

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Over the years black has become something like a security blanket for me. Until and unless I am wearing a full on Indian outfit, there will be always an element of black in my outfit. It could be my jeans or ballet flats or my handbag. I feel like that led me to not play around with colors as much as I liked. It always was that if I couldn’t figure something out, I’d just wear a black outfit element and call it a day. Over time, I think the fact that I’d thrown on black pumps with anything lost the sexy appeal of black heels and it just became an everyday shoe.

With spring, finally in full swing, although I had to wear a coat today, I think I can actually survive the challenge.

Outfit Details on Instagram

And the only way I can hold myself accountable is if I post a daily Outfit of the Day on Instagram.

I have to be quick now. I have about ten minutes left before I have to get back to a meeting.

The second thing I want to challenge myself to is reading more. As a kid I used to love reading, but life got in the way and reading got limited to school stuff or fashion magazines. I believe if I read more, I’ll end up writing more because there will be more to put into a thought process than my bubble and the people in the bubble.

And the last challenge I have for myself, is actually deeper. I have to stop hating myself for everything that keeps going wrong or feeling like it is going wrong. I have to learn to accept that there are things in the universe that are beyond my control. Maybe because they involve others or I just haven’t reached that level in life. I think as an Indian kid, it is embedded into us to overachieve especially with the factor of what will people say, and because of that we keep trying to prove ourselves and are never truly happy with what we already have in life. I have to learn to accept myself the way I am. Of course, there is so much room for improvement, but maybe I’ll be happier if I focus on the now and how far I have come rather than focusing on the judging eyes of people and how far I have to go.

And with that deep note, I got to go, but check out my Instagram it’s @shopaholicsharika  I try post a bit of behind the scenes of the fashion world. Also uploading this from a Starbucks and it doesn’t get more basic than this.

See you soon…

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